Cindy Martishius
POP Chair
EMDAA President 
TrailsEnd Estrela


I was very honored to be asked to submit something for the newsletter. I would to share news of The Parade of Portugal with you.

We are adding breeds to the show as they become fully accepted by the United Kennel Club.

This year our addition is the Castro Laboreiro!  There are very few in the States right now, so we would be really happy if a couple attended the show.

The POP '10 committee would like to thank Quinta do Pasto for all their help securing our judges.  Nanci has been a tremendous help.

On a different note, the breed has slowly but surely grown in numbers over here.

We have had over 6 imports in the last six months.  Sadly as our numbers grow little by little, so do our rescues.  The Club has been contacted by two people with Estrela that needed rescue.  On a happy note, both Estrela found great homes without the club having to step in.

I hope this finds you all well.  I enjoyed reading most of the articles on the newsletter.

Thanks for reading.

(Parade of Portugal)